Guest post from Pica!

Today I have a guest post from our contest host: Pica from Pica Reads! Check out what she has to say about the best birthdays & Harry Potter.

First of all, thank you to Enna Isilee for allowing me to be a part of her birthday bash! I’ve been having a great time reading all the author interviews and being a part of the giveaways. I am super excited to read all the new books she has introduced me to.

Book-related birthdays are the best!

Here are my favorite things about birthdays and books:
1. I always seem to get books for presents on my birthday!
2. Many of the Harry Potters were released just around my birthday, so I have had more than one Potter themed party.
3. One of my friends gave me a book journal for my birthday and I have written down every single book I have read since then in the journal. I’m up to 25 pages, single spaced, which turns out to be a lot of books. [Shout out to SS! Thank you for this great gift.]
4. I once planned to have a Harry Potter Party (see #2) and the night before the party I got really sick. Had to cancel the party which was a bummer. Ended up miserable on my birthday all day. Then, that night my dad came home with the latest Harry Potter which had just been released that day and read it to me for hours and hours. [Shout out to dad! Thank you dad, you are the best!]
5. A friend of mine had a wonderful book-themed birthday, where we wallpapered her room with post-its upon which we wrote the names of our favorite books, and then we had to guess who put up each title.

And most of all ...
6. Books that people give me for my birthday often turn out to be really special to me, just because they gave it to me and it remind me of them.

Also, I recently found the picture I used for a birthday invitation in elementary school. I edited it a bit in Photoshop so that my face looks a little bit different (like Enna Isilee, I don’t like to post pictures of myself online). If I edited it to much for you to recognize the book titles, I’m in my sleeping bag, surrounded by Harry Potter. Yes, I did love HP in elementary school.

[ENNA ISILEE: Gah! Can't get photo to work! Will try to fix it.]

Happy Birthday, Enna Isilee!

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