Monstrumologist series scrapped?!

**I just discovered some disturbing news. Rick Yancey (author of The Monstrumologist and who I interviewed today) has been told by Simon & Schuster that they will not be renewing his contract and the final Monstrumologist book will not be published (at least, not by them). This is so sad! If you want the full story, check it out by clicking here. There's currently a fan-driven write-in campaign going on to give the series the ending it deserves. I hope it works.

EDIT: I'm so behind on my news. Turns out that S & S listened to the fans and WILL be publishing the last book! Oh happy day!

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**I'll soon be deleting this post and putting the info in the interview I did with Rick. I just wanted to make a new post so it would pop up in your feed readers.


  1. I really hate when stuff like that happens. I mean it is one more book! final book! This happened to a favorite author of mine and I was mad b/c she had to find another publisher to get that last book published and the second book had ended in a cliffhanger and it just gets frusterating. I mean it is one more book.

  2. That is terrible news! Though thinking about it, someone else will surely grab it up! Best wishes to Rick!

  3. Actually they reversed the decision because of the outpouring of support from fans. There will be a 4th book published

    link to the announcement:

  4. Hmmm the links seems to not show up properly
    Click Here


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