Disabling anonymous comments vs. Captcha

Recently I've been getting a LOT of spam comments with links to things that say "michelle pfieffer nude" etc. I'm debating on what to do. Should I disable anonymous comments (all spam comments so far have been anonymous) or should I put captcha back on? (Captcha is that little code you have to type in to prove you aren't a robot) Captcha is annoying, but If I disable anonymous comments blogger will also disable Name/URL comments. Which means the only people who could comment would be those with google, wordpress, livejournal, typepad, or AIM accounts.

Opinions? Here's a poll:

How should I fight spam comments?

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  1. Do you use blogger? Mine all go to the spam filter, and I'm able to just go through once a week and delete them all. They never show up on my posts.

  2. *nod* I use blogger. For some reason blogger keeps missing 3 or 4 a week.

  3. I started using IntenseDebate and haven't had any spam since. The few I had before then went to the spam folder. It's weird that you have some that are getting missed!

  4. I noticed that a number of blogs I read regularly have mentioned the spam issue. That's really sad.

  5. I get A LOT of spam on my WP blog, which mostly goes into my spam folder. The rest I just delete. Comment moderation is enable for *new* commenters.

    I don't have as much a problem on my Blogger blog because it gets far less traffic. I hate captcha (but recaptcha is the worst. I mean, how am I supposed to translate Chinese symbols? Those are hard to read.) If comment moderation is out of the question, then use captcha. It's not too bad on Blogger and you can actually read the letters and numbers. :)


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