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I feel like I would be a bad person if I didn't post something Harry Potter related today. And so, if you will excuse me, I will now ramble on about my feelings on the series. I shall try to be spoiler-free, but no promises. This is more something for me to look back on in 10 years and sniffle a little, rather than a blog post meant for other people. But as I don't keep a journal, here we go:

I was one of those stubborn children who refused to read Harry Potter just because everyone else was. Thank HEAVENS my grandmother is a teacher, and was able to finally convince me to read the series. I've never regretted it.

There are very few books that you can say changed your life. I think we can honestly say that Harry Potter changed the world. Even if you don't like it, or you adore it, you must admit that you've heard of it, and seen its effects.

I have never been a loud fan, I enjoy talking quietly with people about the books, and expressing my love in simple ways (I've been wearing an owl necklace all week). My favorite part of the books is when I would finish one, then immediately call up my friends and begin to discuss what it all might mean.

Over the last month I have been re-listening to all the audiobooks so that I can be as prepared as possible for the movie. I am glad to say that the audiobooks don't make me cry like the regular books. It would be very odd for me to begin sobbing while dusting the bookshelves at work.

This re-reading has given me a lot of questions. What's the American school for witchcraft? When is Hermione's birthday? How old is Voldemort? He must be over 60. If wizards have such a hard time dressing like muggles, why do so many seem to wear suits? These questions aren't really important, but they show how much I love this world. I want to know EVERYTHING.

HOWEVER, the books themselves make me sob every time. Last week (just for the heck of it) I decided to re-read the epilogue at the end of the last book. This was a mistake. I kept randomly bursting into tears throughout the day. Isn't it an amazing thing that a BOOK-- a fictional story-- can do that to a person?

And now, I would like to express my thanks to certain people who made the books so wonderful for me:

Dear Ron,
  • Thank you for being the comic relief. This series would be incredibly sad without you.
Dear Hermione,
  • Thank you for showing the world how cool it is to be smart.
Dear Ginny,
  • I was totally apathetic towards you when I first read the books, but now I like you quite a lot. Thanks for being spunky.
Dear Neville,
  • Thanks for never letting people get you down. You always know how to bounce right back, and are a great example of bravery. (And you totally deserved to grow up to be super-hot. Seriously. Have you seen the actor who plays him?)
Dear Dumbledore,
  • Thank you for being the wisest person I've ever known. Some of the things you said will be in my heart forever.
Dear McGonagall,
  • Thank you for being my favorite character. I want to be you when I grow up.
Dear Hagrid,
  • Thanks for being loyal to a fault, and loving things that no one else does.
Dear Sirius,
  • I'm pretty pissed at you, actually. I was scarred for life after book 5. That's just not right.
Dear Ravenclaw house,
  • Thank you for being totally unnoticed and yet awesome. Seriously. Griffindor and Slytherin get all the attention. Even Hufflepuff gets a lot of attention (both because of Cedric Diggory in book 4, and just by the fact that it's a ridiculous house). You were always in the background (despite Cho Chang) and yet I know I would have been in your house. Much love.
Dear T & L,
  • Thank you for being my favorite couple. I have a hard time thinking about you without getting teary.
Dear Harry,
  • Thank you for inspiring a fabulous series. Thank you for always being brave, even though you were stupid a lot. In fact, I DON'T thank you for your attitude throughout all of book 5. I know you were going through the throes of puberty, but still, you were a jerk.
Dear Snape,
  • Thanks for just being awesome.

I think that covers all the big ones... Perhaps I'll add more as they come to me.

And that's all I have to say.

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  1. Awesome. I love that your favourite character is McGonagall. One of my favourite scenes from the last book is when she brings the statues to life in the final battle.

  2. I soo loved your post. Seriously had me tearing up real good, especially with your little notes to the characters. Thanks for sharing this.

    I was like you, originally. I didn't want to read Harry Potter at first either. My mother read Harry Potter first and then tried to give it to me. I read the first chapter and decided it was boring. I would say that I didn't pick it up again until probably around when the 3rd book was out. Once I got past the first chapter, I fell in love.

    I was working at a retail store when the 7th book came out. We opened special at midnight when the book came out. I volunteered to work it. I was soo excited. I bought 3 copies of it for my family.

  3. WOW. Well said, all around. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this incredible series.

  4. This is awesome, you've said it all.

    Though I have a breakdown everytime I wonder which house should I be in, it's so damn hard! And McGonagall is a HBIC indeed.

    Loved your post.

  5. I will weep like a child anytime, anywhere if I even think too hard about the chapter in DH called "The Prince's Tale." It is a masterpiece.

  6. You are so going to be McGonagall when you grow up. I can see it already.

    And thanks. As a young teen I was against the Potter books. No idea why (maybe because they were popular?) but I have thankfully turned around since. I would like to re-read the series again soon!

  7. I LOVED what you had to say to all the characters! It made me smile.

  8. Love this post. I was also one of those kids who didn't want to read it because everyone else was. But I'm glad I did! I probably won't see the movie until mid-week though.

  9. The American school of magic---or one of them, anyway---is the Salem Institute of Magic. It even said so in the fourth book, when Harry saw some witches from America setting up a banner with their school's name by their tent.

  10. Sc,

    THANK YOU! Now I feel happy.

  11. Also, Hermione's birthday is September 19th (it's in the "extra" section on JK Rowling's website under characters. Obviously I love the series too! I'm rewatching HPatDH Prt 1 right now.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful post! I, too, was convinced to read the series by my grandma, and now I am a huge fan! The stories have changed my life forever!

    ps: Voldemort was born December 31st, 1926, so in thew last book he's 71

  13. And thank you Squeaky!

    Your post got me in the right frame of mind to watch the last movie! I loved it. :)

    Such a life changing series....

  14. I loved what you wrote about the characters:) A seriously life changing series for so many. I read it when book 1 came out and my 3rd grade son brought home a note from his teacher stating that she was going to read a controversial book to the class about witchcraft and wizardry!I figured I'd better check out what my son would be hearing in class and I was in love:)

  15. Wonderful post! Thoughtful. Touching. True. Harry got so many people to read. What a great series!

  16. Ahhhh I love this! I'm sure I would have been in Ravenclaw with Luna as well :)

  17. I'd love to hear what you think about Draco. I personally have a theory that Draco wasn't naturally a bad person. He was just the result of misguided parenting.


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