Heist Society Series-- Ally Carter

Release Date: February 9th, 2010; June 21st, 2011
Genre:  Action, Teens, Romance
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Pages: 287, 298
Average Rating:
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The Heist Society novels star brave Katarina Bishop. We follow her adventures to Paris, Moscow, London, Monaco, Paraguay, and more! She isn't alone, though. With the help of her stunningly beautiful cousin Gabrielle, the brilliant Simon, the goofball Bagshaw brothers, the mysterious Nick, and the dashing W. W. Hale, we watch one of the world's youngest theives pull of the most amazing feats.

Blurb: Non-stop action makes readers forget they are reading a book, and feel like they're watching an action movie.

Review: This series reads like an action/heist movie. Seriously. While I was reading it I could literally see all of the different split-screens and hear th dramatic music.

In fact, this book reminds me a lot of a summer movie. Funny, action-packed, cute/hot characters, and relatively... fluffy. Yup. Don't go reading this series if you're wanting a mind-bender. Everything is pretty straight forward. Which is fine for a summer read! Take this one down to the beach, set out a towel, and get ready for a good laugh. You'll probably finish the book by the time you start to get a sunburn.

My only complaint with the series is that I felt like I was missing things. I read Heist Society in one sitting, so I told myself that I missed things because I was going so fast. But I read Uncommon Criminals over three days, and still felt like I was missing stuff. The characters seemed to jump to conclusions that I didn't understand. And all of a sudden they'd be flying across the country and I didn't know why. Maybe I just wasn't paying close enough attention, or maybe it was written in a jerky-style that made it hard for me to process everything. Not sure.

I will end by saying that overall I really liked this series, and will look forward to the next books. They're great if your brain needs a little break, but your funny bone still wants a tickle. Also, Ally is one of the cutest people ever! First of all, she has a super-cute accent, and she's SO NICE! She answered all of my crazy questions with 100% of her attention. Loved it! If you get the chance to go hear her speak DO IT.

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  1. Ally Carter was just in my area last week. She's wonderful!

  2. I met Ally during her Heist Society tour (I think. I don't actually know); I think I was the oldest person there...except for parents and stuff. But she is really nice, and her accent is awesome.

    And then I went back to my dorm room and read Heist Society straight through and then I reread it because it was totally what I needed. It is such a fun read and not one that you have to pay a lot of attention to.

  3. I just read that Heist Society is in the works to become a movie. Based on your review, and my own experiences with the book, I'd guess the movie will turn out pretty well. :D


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