Feelings after the end

Yesterday I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie. I think the following images properly convey my feelings:


The only time I audibly sobbed was when Snape died and during his memories. I was pretty much crying constantly through the whole movie, but I only sobbed then, and once when I saw Remus and Tonks holding hands even after they were dead.

All in all, I thought the movie did BRILLIANT justice to the book. I adored it. And I'm glad to know that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

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  1. I have nver read Harry Potter as yet, not sure why I missed the craze, lol

  2. I feel the same way...I cried SO hard during the Snape scene. He went from someone I despised at the beginning of the series to someone I adored. Talk about strength of character.

    Yeah, I pretty much bawled like a baby.

    Hogwarts will always be home.

  3. I honestly didn't cry much...I got all teary-eyed when Harry went into the forest and brought his parents, Sirius, and Remus back though, especially when he asked Sirius if it hurt to die. SO SAD.

    I agree though...Alan Rickman did an amazing job. It was wonderful.

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  4. I just got back from seeing the last one. I was behind, so I watched the last three right in a row over the past two days. This last one was really wonderful--beautifully directed, emotional, and exciting. I almost wish Yates could have done all of them. There was lots of applause and cheering in the audience I was in!

  5. I was a crybaby throughout the last half of the movie! When I saw certain characters who I loved laying dead on the floor, I started sobbing hysterically! By the time I recovered from that, Snapes memories started, which made me cry even harder than before (BEST SCENE EVER!)
    Once I'd recovered from that (I take a long time to recover) it was the epilogue! Who couldn't cry during the epilogue?
    I'm younger than most bloggers, so Harry Potter has literally been my whole life! I can't remember a time when Harry Potter wasn't there for me to lean on! Harry Potter has always been my best friend!

  6. I loved it! The Snape scenes made me cry, but like Lauren (Shooting Stars Mag), I cried more when Harry saw his parents, Sirius, and Remus.

  7. Cried like a little girl when Snape was murdered. His memories were even worse. An amazing series that has touched millions of lives. I love it.

  8. O I just saw it. I'm with you, I loved it. I spent half the times with goosebumps/chills and the other half crying.


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