4 years and going strong

It's my four year blogoversary! How crazy is that?! FOUR YEARS! True, my blog didn't really kick it into gear until about 18 months ago, but still. FOUR YEARS! I'm pretty excited about that. I was also excited to realize (maybe I realized this before) but my blogoversary also marks the day I first met/saw Shannon Hale! It's been FIVE years since that. Crazy!

I can't imagine ever stopping blogging. Yes, I love all of my readers, but the blog has just become such an important part of my life that I can't believe it could ever stop. How would I remember what I read? How would I remember how I felt about what I read?

And since I'm so excited about this, I've decided to have a contest! It's been over six months since I did my last guess-the-cover contest, so that's what we're going to do!

Last time you guys were WAY smarter than I gave you credit for, so this time I've made it REALLY HARD. You only have 100x100 pixel squares, and I tried to pick obscure peices of the covers. Here they are! Look below for some hints and contest details.

  • All of these books have not yet been released (as of 7-15-2011)
  • They will all release in 2011 or early 2012
  • All of these books are US covers (so far as I am aware)
  • Shannon Hale may be involved
  • Not all have been featured on Squeaky Books, but some
  • They are all books I REALLY want
Those are your only hints! And there are two prizes!

Prize #1 Fastest 100%
The first prize will go to the first person who gets ALL of the covers correct.

Prize #2 Random
I will then randomly select a winner from all participants. The more covers you get right, the more entries you get!

Both winners will get to choose any book they want from Amazon.com under $13.

Here are the details:
  • Giveaway open 7/15-7/29
  • Open to ages 13 and up
  • Open to US residents only (Puerto Rico is fine)
  • You MUST have at least one cover correct to be entered
  • You must fill out THE FORM to enter
  • Multiple submissions WILL NOT COUNT. If you enter more than once, only your first submission will be counted. If you're going for the 100% prize, you have to have them all at the same time. Much more challenging that way, I think.
    I'm really excited to see how y'all do! I worked really hard to try and stump you!

    All review content © Enna Isilee, Squeaky Books 2007-2011


    1. Are we allowed to come back and fill in more names if we find them later?

    2. Nope! Only your first submission will count. Makes it a bit more challenging and stressful. :)

    3. Still got 6 I'm trying to find. *sigh*


    4. I got seven...I'm annoyed because I know I've seen some of these covers, I just didn't pay attention to the books! Like the first one....

      Happy blogoversary!

    5. Ugh now I just need two more. lol.


    6. This is going to drive me insane lol XD Happy blogoversary though :)

    7. Happy blogoversary Enna!
      This one was SO MUCH HARDER than the last one!! :D

    8. Happy Blogaversary! :D

      I think I got as many as I was going to find! The one looked so familiar, but I have no idea where I saw it from. I know I've seen it though. :P haha

      Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

    9. Happy blogoversary! Awesome contest! I had a lot of fun finding covers, though I couldn't figure out 5 of them. Thanks for the giveaway! ^_^

      Now that I've submitted my answers, I bet I'm going to see those other 5 covers somewhere. xP

    10. Happy Blog'O'Versary! Here's some Enna love for you!


      I got some, I guessed on others, and the third category of unanswered was well, not without effort. You are sneaky.

    11. Okay so I give up. I entered and there were only two I couldn't figure out. You definitely made this one hard. Still, thanks for the fun contest and happy blogoversary!


    12. Wow!! 4 years?! AWESOME! WTG Enna!! :)

    13. Happy 4 years! Keep it up! :D

      6 & 11 are killing me... literally!

    14. This was like, homework but more fun! I left so many in blanks. This is like when you take a test and just wing it?( Is that what you call it?), and you hope the teacher just doesn't see them. Lol It was fun to try and guess anyways! Congrats on blogging for four years! :)

      Mary (mfay2) @ Anxirium

    15. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Blog! Happy Blogaversary! You know when the question is asked, if you could have dinner with anyone? I would choose you and Shannon Hale for sure! That would be a complete RIOT! Thanks for all your time you put into this amazing blog!!!

    16. Oh. I don't know about that. I turn into a very nervous (and rather boring) person when Shannon's around. ;) I'm much funnier online.


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