Too Many Covers?

I did so mean to have a review up today, but lack the time. Therefore, I shall post something that has bothered me lately.

Have you noticed Forgotten by Cat Patrick floating around the blogosphere? I have. And every time I see it, it seems to have a different cover. Here they are:

Does anyone know WHY there are a million covers for this book? I think the last one might be the French edition, but the others are English. So WHY are there so many?

Just something I've been really curious about. Other than that... there's no real reason for this post.

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  1. The last one's English. It might just be the ARC cover, though. I know my ARC has that cover.

  2. I don't know why either but the second cover sure looks good.

  3. There are lots of English markets that MIGHT have different covers (US, UK, Australia, Canada...) though I think rights in the Commonwealth might be the same... I'm not sure.

  4. Well, I know the top cover is the US & the second is UK... or at least I'm about 85% sure I know that. : ) I ordered mine through Book Depository so I could get that pretty second cover, lol!

  5. Don't know why for sure, but there are often different covers for...

    Mass Market (IF it's made into mass market, usually after a movie)
    + any different country it sells in

  6. I did notice that, but in that not-quite-in-your-conscious-line-of-thought, until this post :) If it helps (& it probably doesn't), the top cover is the one waiting to be processed at my library.

  7. As far as I know, different publishing companies from different countries bought the rights for the book so the first two are US and UK versions, not sure which is which, I do know for definite though that the third one is the Australia/New Zealand cover.

  8. The first two I think are the US hardcover and paperback versions, which the third's the one going around in the UK and Australia.

    Most covers differ in the US and the Commonwealth.

  9. LOL I found that pretty annoying too. I kept seeing one of the covers on a blog, then days later I was visiting another blog which featured another cover.. I got excited about the book, then I read the blurb and went all...'Aaahh... it's THAT book..." I got confused:))

  10. I saw the first cover in a US store the other day :)

    I'm always curious as to were people get their covers from when they post online.

  11. I like the third one best. I don't know, the colours just somehow merge together really nicely.


  12. I agree... the third one for me is the best...

  13. I tried to research it to figure out why:

    First one: Little Brown (US edition)
    Second one: Egmont Books (UK edition)
    Third one: Hardie Grant Books (Australian)
    Fourth one: Stumped on this one. German edition has very similar cover.

    And I saw an additional cover at there as well, one that is purple, for the French edition.

  14. 1- Finished Cover for American version
    2- Australian Cover
    3- UK cover
    4- American ARC cover

    Hope that helps!



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