SiS Read-a-thon Update #9

It's time for the ninth update & mini-challenge! Here's your challenge: Create an anagram of your name/pseudonym. Details below.

Here's my update and mini challenge answer!

  • Total Books Read: 2
  • Total Pages Read: 756
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 1
  • Pages Read since last update: 160
  • Total time read: 8.5 hours
  • Currently Reading: The Roar by Emma Clayton
  • How I'm currently feeling: For some reason I actually feel really grumpy. I think it's because the only thing I could find to eat (that sounded good) was an 80 calorie soup-to-go and some candy. I need real food! But it's not stopping my reading!
Mini Challenge:
There's this really great website that takes any name and turns it into a really cool anagram. CLICK HERE to use it and share with us your anagram!

Here's mine:

There is no giveaway associated with this update, but I hope you'll still participate! Link up below!

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  1. My name anagram is hilarious. Thanks for this link!

  2. Anyone else get something embarrassing?? Lol

  3. If you consider PARASITIC embarrassing... uh, yes, I got it! : O

  4. Total Books read: 3.5
    Total pages read: 853
    Books read since last update: about half of one
    Pages read since last update: 88
    Total read time: 7.5 hours
    Currently reading: Still on "Real Live Boyfriends..." by E. Lockhart
    How I'm currently feeling: A little distracted and a little bummed. Was hoping to have the next book close to finished by now, by got sidelined by preparations for my little sister's grad party.

    Mini Challenge: I tried just using my first name and it came up with nothing. First and last name, I was given something a little offensive that I'd rather not post. First and middle, however, gave me: ACE AS JOINT

  5. That was fun and easy! Back to reading.

  6. Mine was kind of embarrassing lol I used my middle name to see if I liked it better lol. Without my middle name it was On Trashy Bums, but with it, it was Homely Thug Brains :P lol

  7. What a fun challenge!

  8. Love the link - thanks - mine is:
    Bravery helps!


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