Sis Read-a-thon Update #4

It's time for the fourth update & mini-challenge! For this mini-challenge I want you to create a puzzle image for a book. Details below.

Here's my update and mini challenge answer!

  • Total Books Read: n/a
  • Total Pages Read: n/a
  • Books Read Since Last Update: n/a
  • Pages Read since last update: n/a
  • Total time read: n/a
  • How I'm currently feeling: If those still say n/a, then that means I didn't ACTUALLY post this update. It just went up at its scheduled time. Maybe I'm reading, maybe I got trapped at the doctors, who knows. But for whatever reason, I didn't post this update. Good thing I have them scheduled up in advance, eh?
Mini Challenge:
For this mini-challenge you need to create a puzzle that consists of about three images which describes a book. I'm big on learning by example, so here's mine:

Do you get it? It's Blood Red Road! See how that works? Except on your blog you don't want to TELL people what it is, you want them to guess. The trickier the better!

And coincidentally, If YOU participate in this update and mini-challenge, you will be entered to win a ARC of Blood Red Road by Moira Young! Link to your post below in the Mr. Linky.

If you want to link to your post, but do not want to be entered to win Blood Red Road, merely place two asterisks before your Mr. Linky  entry.

EXAMPLE: **Enna Isilee @ Squeaky Books will NOT enter you to win but
Enna Isilee @ Squeaky Books WILL enter you to win.

This giveaway is for bloggers only. But feel free to visit the other blogs and guess on their puzzles!

This giveaway will only be open until Update #5 is posted at 6:00pm MST.

As always, be sure that you have read and understand everything in the STUFF TO KNOW post.

All review content © Enna Isilee, Squeaky Books 2007-2011


  1. total books read: 2
    total pages read: 452
    books read since last update:1
    pages read since last update: 194

  2. Has time thinking of a book to pick, really liked this one!


  3. I got that one fast! I'm reading BRR now! :)

  4. This was a lot of fun! I hope mine isn't too easy to figure out.

  5. Oh mine's super easy to figure out. My big problem is trying to get the images to be the right size since silly blogger won't do it for me!

  6. Ah! I forgot to put two asterisks on my link on Mr. Linky. I am not participating in the giveaway for the ARC of Blood Red Road! Sorry. :(

  7. It was hard to think of a book! I went through all my favorite books, but they'd all be so obvious!

  8. This challenge was fun too! I am not even sure if mine is hard or easy, it was fun either way. I got my kids to help me, lol.

  9. This one is SUPER fun! If anyone checks out mine, leave a link so I can check out yours!

  10. Okay, after a day of computer problems, I'm back! Off to update my blog now.

  11. Wow! Great Idea! I think mine is to easy.... : s

  12. Wow! Great Idea! I think mine is to easy.... : s

  13. Great mini-challenge! I'm leaving the house for a bit, so no reading for me for a while, but I finally finished my first book!

  14. Having so much fun! Can't wait for the next challenge!

  15. This was so fun! I am loving these mini-challenges!


    Book Briefs

  16. Only die hard fans will get mine ; ) or maybe

  17. This was so fun! Mine is kind of easy and I actually have it in my read-a-thon TBR pile. But it was the first thing that came to mind and I was too lazy to think of something more clever. :P

  18. Darn! I thought I'd added my update earlier. Turns out, I forgot or something. Oh well, added it anyway. :)


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