Sis Read-a-thon Update #3

It's time for the third update & mini-challenge! For this mini-challenge I want you to bring out the inner writer in you with this writing challenge:
Write a story 100 words or less that contains ALL of the following words:
  • Shaman
  • Lime
  • Laser
  • Goat
Here's my update and mini challenge answer!

  • Total Books Read: 0
  • Total Pages Read: 0
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 0
  • Pages Read since last update: 0
  • Total time read: 0
  • How I'm currently feeling: Just finished Doctor's appointment and I'm off to the hotel! Hopefully you'll be getting a REAL update from me next time!
Mini Challenge:

My inner writer is a little rusty, but I'll give it a go.

The shaman aimed his gun with the upmost precision. The old laser-ray 49200 was an older model, but it did the trick. Even from this distance he knew he could shoot a single lime off of one of the fruit-laden trees, over one hundred yards away.

An annoyed bleat came from his left, breaking his concentration. With a quick movement the shaman slapped the goat’s nose. “Hush, Baku. Tonight we save humanity.”

“I think humanity needs to be safe from you,” the goat grunted, but didn’t speak again.

The shaman looked back at his prey and took aim.

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  1. I loved this mini challenge! Had alot of fun with my story!

  2. thanks for that challenge!! it was pretty interesting to try to fit all of those together

  3. I LOVED this challenge. I had fun thinking of a story and including all the words.

  4. I'm actually kind of proud of my story and hope that the needed words don't sound too forced. :-D

  5. Good lord that was awful. Glad that's over.

  6. I loved this mini challenge too! My story ended up being all dark and depressing!! So fun! You are doing awesome! Some of my favorite challenges in any readathon ever!

  7. Why do the linkies keep posting twice? User error perhaps? Lol whoops

  8. Ahhh, I'm loving the mini challenges, although I'm seriously lagging in my reading! :( I do, however, wish it was more than a 100 words :)

    Stupid headache/fever/sore throat!


  9. I had a lot of fun with this mini-challenge. I've not written in a while, so this was so much fun. :)

  10. I didn't do this mini-challenge, because I'm not able to put together anything in my mind right now, but I have made a bit of reading progress in spite of all of my interruptions!

    Total Pages Read: 210

    Total Time Read: 2 hours, 53 minutes

    (I know, that's less than half of the actual time the read-a-thon has been running, but, again, interruptions!)

  11. This was super fun! I have to admit it gave my brain the little jolt it needed lol

  12. I had tons of fun with this challenge....and I think I may have accidentally also linked it under one of the other challenges because I pushed tab and it took me down half the page...and then I filled out the linky again and pushed ignore the one that is where it isn't supposed to be (if that makes sense).

  13. Can it be more than 100 words but less than 300? LOL

  14. Fun, fun, fun! I've been a lazy writer lately, but this woke up the writers part of my brain!

  15. Okay, I got it in on time! I know you're busy, so I just want ahead and got it down to 100 words, but I liked it better when it was longer. Ah well!

  16. Boy the people who come to my blog to check up on our international adoption process are going to be confused! LOL


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