Read-a-Thon Hangover

Hey, y'all,

I'm in a major read-a-thon hangover. Trying to get through all of the links and pick winners is probably going to take up most of my time this week (Mr. Linkys are not as nice as Google Docs). Don't expect to see winners until the end of this week. Maybe we'll see them earlier than that, but probably not.

Hope you all had fun!

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  1. I'm so sad I missed it and wasn't able to participate. Out of state flying is a beast. Eat chocolate. I hear it cures everything from dementor attacks to reading hang overs. ;)

  2. LOL! you have your work cut out for you! but thanks for such a fun read-a-thon. I actually completed one whole book! Not quite my goal but your little competition made me read :D Good luck to all the participants!!!

  3. I loved the read-a-thon! It was so much fun. I am currently going through all the books I read and writing up reviews for them.

    I think it is really cool that you are personally going through all the links.


    My blog- Book Briefs

  4. I had great time. So many books to be read and your read-a-thon gave me the push I needed to get to reading. Thanks and you made it fun with the mini-challenges :) thank you soooo much. If you do another one I will definitely be participating again.

  5. I even made a new blog aside from my tumblr one :)

  6. Great read-a-thon! Unfortunately i couldn't participate but i checked in every few hours and it looked great.

  7. lol good luck! And thanks for hosting such a wonderful read-a-thon, I had a blast.

  8. Thanks for hosting! It was so much fun!


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