Has anyone read The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter? Does it fall under my boycott? Is it more romance than paranormal/mythical? How is the romance? Cheesy? Help!

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  1. Mmm.. well, I didn't find it particularly romantic, but the love story is the center of it.

  2. Did you get an ARC? I'll read it and let you know... ;)

  3. I read it and liked it. It is not mostly romance but it is still a paranormal romance which I know you don't like so I world err on the side of caution and say don't read it.
    Truly Bookish

  4. I just received it in the mail, so haven't had a chance to read it yet. I keep hearing great things though. As for your boycott... I'm not sure.

    My friend Keary did a review on her blog. I bet she could tell you!


  5. I consider it more mythological than paranormal and more focused on the story than the romance, though the romance is part of it. I don't think it falls under your boycott. :)

  6. Hey! I loved The Goddess Test, I think you might like it too. I'm not sure if it falls under your boycott... The love story is important, but it's sweet and develops gradually. You don't have that instant crazy love at first sight and no "OMG he's so perfect" cheesy stuff. No love triangles or inter-species drama either. And the mythological elements are awesome.:) It's something different...
    But if you are looking for more action and paranormal stuff... I don't think you'll find it here. I hope I didn't make it even harder for you to decide.LOL
    Happy Easter!:D

  7. I recently finished The Goddess Test. As Deea mentioned, it doesn't have the instant love that some books have. The main character is selfless and loving. The relationship develops over time. However, I'm not sure how you feel about sex. Some characters indulged in it. (These scenes aren't shown, but there is an understanding of what occurred.) So, honestly, I'm not sure how you'll feel about it.

  8. It's a paranormal romance, although that is not the full focus of the story. I think the mythological aspect of the story is more of the focus and the relationship between the main female and male characters grows over time.

  9. While the love story was a huge chunk of the book, no, I don't think that it falls under your boycott. I found it to be very much about the bond between Kate and her mother. Then again, everyone else seems to be disagreeing with my so guess that you read at your own risk. I would highly recommend it though!!!


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