Never interrupt me while I'm reading a book, or bad blogger week

Apparently this week is another "Enna Isilee is a bad blogger" week. I haven't read anything since Intertwined (but I did get 96% on my multivariable-calculus test!), so I don't really have anything to post. Right now I'm working on organizing this multi-blog giveaway (it's gonna be big, guys. Watch out!) and redoing my room at home (I'm getting BOOKSHELVES!). So until I have something less-random to post, enjoy this book-related video by one of my favorite YouTube stars, Julian Smith:

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  1. new GFC follower! excited to read more of your blog!! and can't wait for this big giveaway!

    follow me?!

  2. I love this video, saw it a few weeks ago. It's hilarious, and I can definitely relate to it haha.

  3. I LOVE Julian Smith! :D He's awesome. Love this video!! :D

  4. LOL, cute vid.

    Congrats on the calc test!

  5. Ha! My mom sent me this video- It's hilarious, but also freaks me out a little....

  6. I love Julian Smith! He is one of the funniest YouTubers out there! Every time I hear that outro I have to giggle.


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