March RAK Recap!

I posted about March RAK earlier this month, and now y'all get to see the results!

I was SOOOOOOO loved this month. Honestly. I was blown away. RAK is amazing.

From Monica at The Bibliophilic Book Blog:

I was BLOWN AWAY when I got this package. I love Nevermore, and Keturah and Lord Death is one of my favorites! Night Runner has been on my wish list FOREVER and I'm so glad to finally have it!

From Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century:

This one has also been on my list. It looks SOOOO good.

I'm really excited? Can you tell?

I RAK-ed back to Kristen, as well as to Liz.

Next month (April) I'll be giving back to Monica, and someone(s) new on the list. I love RAK!

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  1. Nice RAK this month, I love this feature and can't wait to participate next month.

  2. I just signed up a little while ago for the April RAK! Really, I think it's the sweetest idea ever. Have a great new month!

  3. I hope you love it! It's a great series. :) Just got yours and put it on my IMM post this week. :) Thanks so much!


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