C'est fini.

The shelves:
The big shelf:
The small shelf:

Better pictures and video after I dig myself out of this massive pile of homework I've been neglecting in favor of building & stocking these shelves.

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  1. Love it! Where did you get your shelves?!

  2. They look amazing! Nothing feels better than having books properly stored.

  3. Those are some awesome shelves! :D

  4. Sa-weet! The two trips to Ikea, sore backs, piles of empty boxes (and luggage), and piles of spent cash will all be worth it!

  5. yay! they're beautiful! congrats!

  6. So exciting!! I have the same Ikea shelves in birch for my classroom library :) Congratulations on creating a gorgeous library for yourself!

  7. Your shelves are so pretty and nicely organized! Glad to see that they hold plenty of your books :)


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