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Some of you know that I've REALLY been wanting to make Squeaky Books bookmarks. However, Living Social has a deal (expires soon!) where you can get $50 to VistaPrint for only $10. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. VistaPrint doesn't do bookmarks, but since this is such a fab deal, I'm willing to switch to business cards. Those are like mini-bookmarks, right? But before I print a bajillion cards, I'd like to get your opinion on them. So here they are, click to enlarge:

What do you think? I know the quote is really tiny. If the print quality is good enough it SHOULD still be readable, though.

Also, I can't decide which business card holder to get. What say you?

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  1. Adorable! So they're business cards, but their purpose would be to be used as book marks? Cute idea. I like both card holders! The argyle reminds me of Jen Lancaster :)

  2. So cute! The "Looking for a good book?" text on the back strikes me as odd somehow, though. I think it's technically grammatically correct, but it SOUNDS funny.

    I'm an argyle person, but the paisley would work better with your cards.

  3. Personally, I like the paisley...the argyle hurts my eyes.

  4. I like the second one (paisley) best, but they're both very cute!

  5. I love the business cards. They are very eye catching and cute.

  6. I ADORE the business cards...and I think the second business card holder would be great....the second kinda reminds me of your blog and it has spunk. :) Spunk is such an awesome and funny word! :D

  7. Love your business card! And I like the paisley.


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