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I've been hard at work getting ready to move all of my stuff into my new (which was once my old) room. Yesterday I organized my books and found a bunch that I no longer want. Do you want them? Below is a link to the form where you can see a list of all the books and select any you might like to trade/buy. I'm willing to accept Paypal, Amazon GCs, or a direct book trade. I'm also willing to compromise (i.e. I give you three of my books for one of yours that I want, etc.). Trades are US only.

I'll e-mail people who fill out the form. Please note that it will be the person I COME TO AN AGREEMENT WITH FIRST that will get the books, so keep an eye on your e-mails!

But in case you want to SEE the books I'm trading for, I made this nifty video! Though there are a few books for sale that are not in the video, and there are books that are in the video that have already been taken. All books are in new or nearly new condition. Feel free to ask me about the condition of the book!


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