This or That-- Pam Bachorz

Whoops! I had the opportunity to participate in Teen Book Scene's tour of Drought by Pam Bachorz, and I just realized that my scheduled post didn't post (bad blogger!). So here it is! I got to do a "this or that" session with Pam, and here's what she chose:

Sunrise or sunset? Sunrise

Mac or PC? Mac, after many years of resisting

Laptop or desktop? Laptop, need to be ultra-portable

Coat or wool sweater? Wool sweater, easier to MOVE

High school or college? College, a big one, with a million electives

Black or pink? Black

Ice Cream or Pie? Ice cream... I do not understand people's love for pie!

Milk (chocolate or white) or water? Water, ice cold

TV or Movie? Movie if I can get away from my crazy life long enough to enjoy

Performer or viewer? Performer, since I was born if you believe my mom

Scuba diving or bungee jumping? Bungee, takes far less prep to try it!

Massage or mani-pedi? Massage but shoot I'd take either in a heartbeat

Silk or flannel? Flannel for sheets, silk for PJs...

Great answers! Thanks, Pam!

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