I'll Be Seeing You

I'm still in midterm-recovery mode. So I apologize for another fluff/non-post. And this is for people attending the event tomorrow:

I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED for the Breathless Reads event tomorrow. YEE-HAW!!! It's gonna be epic-sauce. I know that a TON of you are also planning to attend, and I would LOVE to meet you. In order to allow myself to be located, I decided to wear very noticeable clothes, and have taken pictures of them.

Here's my jacket:
Isn't it fun? This is just a cell-phone picture, so it looks kind of pale-green, but I promise you this jacket is BRIGHT pea-green. I'll be wearing those necklaces too. I think they're cool.

But if that's not enough to help you out, you can also look for this:
Oooh. Shiiiiiiiiny. Yup. That sparkly thing will be in my hair.

And if THAT'S not enough, y'all know that I have UBER long hair, which I am planning on curling, but it'll still be pretty long.

So come say HI to me! And leave a comment if you're going to be at the event, that way I can be prepared.

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  1. hopefully we'll get a chance to meet! i'll be there with a few other writers tomorrow too!

  2. What event is it? When I search the website it doesn't tell me.

  3. Whoops. Sorry, here's the event info: http://www.squeakybooks.com/2011/01/oh-my-gosh-calling-all-local-book.html

  4. I'll see you there!

    -Catie (meow_mix85 on Twitter)

  5. I'll guess I might see you! I can't wait either. My dad just barely got the tickets and he said there were rarely any left:) EXCITEMENT!


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