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The Breathless Reads event today was AWESOME I got to meet all five of the fabulous authors (Brenna had a TON of butterfly stuff. Made me happy).

I also met a ton of bloggers. Emily from Emily's Reading Room, Debbie from Cranberry Fries, Resugo from Resugo's Bookish Paradise, Heather from Fire and Ice, Natalie Whipple from Between Fact and Fiction (and her lovely mother), and a ton of other coolio peeps.

I didn't get any good pictures, but I did get some good video. (good meaning, the authors are discussing good things. The sound is actually really bad.) The authors adressed everything from where they get their ideas, to how they combat loneliness, to their feelings on book bloggers. Check it out! My feelings about the authors are at the bottom of this post.


Part 1-- ideas, current projects, and titles

Part 2-- Names, NYT bestsellers, and balance

Part 3-- Favorite authors, loneliness, and book bloggers

My feelings:
Wow. This event was FANTABULOUS. I got to meet freaking AWESOME bloggers and the authors were even more AMAZING than I expected. Ally was her usually amazingly-cute and friendly self. Beth Revis has a great accent and was full of really funny one-liners. Andrea Cremer had a ton of really cool insights and had a vivid enthusiasm for everything she said. Kirsten Miller was splendid! She was very well spoken and had such great ideas and always responded positively to questions. When I got to her in the signing line we talked and laughed. She’s definitely a new in-person favorite. (p.s. She's also nearly done with Kiki Strike 3. YAY!!!)

The biggest surprise of the evening was certainly Brenna. Y’all know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of her book. In fact, I really didn’t like it. It was too gritty for me. However, I was very clear that I didn’t think this reflected on Brenna at all. And this was BEFORE I met her. Now that I have met her, I stand by this even more. First of all, she was COVERED IN BUTTERFLIES. No, not live ones. That would have been too awesome-sauce for me to handle. But she had a butterfly bag, a BEAUTIFUL butterfly hairclip, and more! I love anyone who loves butterflies. Also, she has this fascinating way of talking. I love her voice and the way she carries herself. She would make a fabulous character.

All right. So that’s it. I wish you ALL could have been there because it was AMAZING and AWESOME.

Did I mention that it was awesome? No? Oh. Well, it was.

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  1. This event was soo much fun! I swear I meet new people at every signing! One thing I find kind of crazy is how many of us there are!

    I already liked Andrea from talking to her on Twitter & I *loved* Nightshade, but meeting her made me an even bigger fan. She's so enthusiastic you can't help but feel it too.

    I am so glad I got to go!

  2. So glad to hear you had a great time!! I'm attending the Raleigh NC event in a few weeks and can't wait!

    Kristi ;)


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