Because I am insanely forgetful...

Sorry for the lack of substantial postage today. I've been totally swamped with midterms (I'm currently procrastinating studying for my abstract algebra midterm by writing this post). Today should be my last one for a while, though, so I'll be back.

But the point of this post is to see if there's things I've forgotten (and I KNOW there are). Do I owe you a prize? A guest post? If I do PLEASE e-mail me to remind me. If you haven't gotten it, then I've forgotten. Here's my e-mail:

The exceptions to this are Q (your copy of Delirium just arrived), Melissa (see you Saturday!), and Alison (Your books should arrive any day). But other than that I don't remember, and don't currently have the brain power to go searching.

Again, PLEASE remind me. I know there are a TON of guest posts that I've forgotten, and I can't find them in my mess of an inbox.

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  1. You were going to do a guest post for me, but I don't know if you still want to. Let me know

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay!

    I might be taking a 20-hour train ride in the not-too-distant future, so this will be awesome.


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