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As y'all know, this year I read Holly Cupala's debut Tell Me a Secret and LOVED it. Plus I lurv Holly, too. Many of you saw her guest post back in September for my birthday, but she's back again as part of Teen Book Scene's tour for Tell Me a Secret. She's gonna tell us how her AWESOME trailer came to be. Enjoy!

Thank you, Ennalee, for inviting me to Squeaky Books! I’m very pleased to be here and thankful for all of your support of Tell Me a Secret (and of the book trailer!).

Before Tell Me a Secret hit the shelves, my husband and I started playing around with the idea of making a book trailer. Originally were thinking live action, and we put together this elaborate script.

Then my author friend Molly Blaisdell hooked us up with her screenwriting partner, indie filmmaker Paul Michael Gordon (, who does this amazing motion work. Paul came up with a completely original concept based on our script, which was totally unexpected and breathtaking.

We were especially excited to feature the gorgeous and haunting “Ironspy” song from our friends at Splashdown. (In fact, two of the Splashdown members created the music that is featured on the Tell Me a Secret audiobook and website, I even did the voiceover!

We were thrilled and grateful that bloggers and readers have loved it so much. We had a few thousand hits within a few days, and later we released a high definition version here:

I hope you all enjoy, and thank you again, Ennalee and Teen Book Scene tours!

Thanks, Holly!

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  1. Seriously, this book trailer is one of THE BEST I have ever seen. It really makes you want to read the book! And the graphics and song are perfect. :)

  2. I completely agree with Julia :). I'm actually a lot more interested in reading the book now, which is the point, so YAY for the awesome trailer! :D.

  3. Wow, I wasn't that interested in the book before the trailer, but now I really want to get my hands on it...

  4. I just wanted to stop by to say thank you so much for hosting me, Ennalee!! And thanks to everyone for the kind comments about the trailer. We really loved making it! My favorite part was getting to use our friends' music. Have a great week!


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