Sapphique-- Catherine Fisher

Release Date: December 28th, 2010
Genre:  Sci-fi, Romance, Dystopia, Fantasy
Publisher: Candlewick
Pages: 450
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Series: Incarceron #2 (Review of #1)
Summary(Slight spoilers, highlight to view): 
The only one who escaped . . . And the one who could destroy them all.

Incarceron, the living prison, has lost one of its inmates to the outside world: Finn’s escaped, only to find that Outside is not at all what he expected. Used to the technologically advanced, if violently harsh, conditions of the prison, Finn is now forced to obey the rules of Protocol, which require all people to live without technology. To Finn, Outside is just a prison of another kind, especially when Claudia, the daughter of the prison’s warden, declares Finn the lost heir to the throne. When another claimant emerges, both Finn’s and Claudia’s very lives hang on Finn convincing the Court of something that even he doesn’t fully believe.

Meanwhile, Finn’s oathbrother Keiro and his friend Attia are still trapped inside Incarceron. They are searching for a magical glove, which legend says Sapphique used to escape. To find it, they must battle the prison itself, because Incarceron wants the glove too.
Review: This series is weird. If I had to review this book in one word, that would be it: weird. Just like the first one there is a ton of things that aren't really explained. And I don't understand the prison AT ALL. But... maybe you aren't supposed to?

If you liked the first one, you will like this one. If you didn't like the first one, I would recommend you not read this because it's really confusing.

My biggest question: is this the last book in the series? Because the ending of this book didn't make ANY sense to me at all, but it seemed very... end-ish. However, I thought this was going to be a trilogy. Thoughts?

Sorry for the lame-o review. It's finals week.

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  1. So, should I just quit now? I also thought this was a trilogy. I really am unhappy when the first book in the trilogy is great, the second book is not as good and the third book is fearfully disappointing.

  2. Haha! I TRIED to tell you not to buy the first one, but you were just too fast!

    Honestly, some people will like this book. But I know you, and I really don't think you'll like it. It'll be too weird for you.

  3. I completely agree. I really liked the idea of Incarceron, and I think such an idea could make a good book if some other author had written Incarceron. But Sapphique, as you said, was just... weird. The characters fell apart, and things just happened without any explanation. And the ending was horrible, in my opinion--it was too open and didn't wrap up any of the loose ends. It makes me wonder why Incarceron is being made into a movie, since if they decide to film Sapphique as well, it won't make any sense.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment was deleted for profanity. The original comment (edited for profanity) was:

      "This book was amazing, I don't give a **** what you say."


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