November Wrap-Up

So I’ve seen lots of people around the blogosphere do monthly summaries on what they read, reviewed, and blogged about that month. I’ve never done this, but after seeing Elizabeth over at Swords for Fighting do her’s today. I decided to do it. The format of this post comes largely from her post.

I participated in Gratitude Giveaways
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I read 8 books this month, with a total of 3,207 pages:

Books Read(links to GoodReads):
I reviewed 7 books this Month.

Books Reviewed(Links to Reviews):
Favorite book read this month: Wither, by Lauren DeStefano

Least favorite book read this month: Entangled, Cat Clarke (not finished)

Books read this year: 77

Books to read before the new year: 7
Weeks left: 4.5

Giveaways Completed This Month:
Giveaways Currently In Progress:
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