My Own Christmas Miracle

December is a hard month for me. Don't get me wrong, it's one of my FAVORITE months. No school, Christmas, giving gifts, getting gifts.

However, it's also when my tuition payment is due. Oh, and giving all of those gifts costs money, and you have to buy new books for the new semester, and I still owe my dad $70 for my phone bill (we're on a family plan); and that whole "no-school" thing is really great, but I work as a teaching assistant, and so no school = no money.

I always find a way, though. I've got my tuition almost completely paid, I've bought all of my Christmas gifts, my dad's willing to wait a week for his money, and I've got all of my textbooks except one.

And that one is giving me a lot of trouble. I can't find it ANYWHERE for a decent price. I can buy it USED for $69, or NEW on Amazon for $72. Blah! It's one of the cheaper of my textbooks, but that's still a pretty penny. And I didn't know what to do about it. I spent all morning brainstorming on where I could cut back expenses. I haven't bought anything for myself in weeks. I have enough gas to last me the month. So... what?

Ready for the miracle part?

While I was studying for my last final, I took a break to check my e-mail and saw this:

I froze. Certainly this must be a joke. Some spam.

But no. I participated in Book Blogger Holiday Swap and Trisha is my secret Santa! With the gift card came a note that said something had gone wrong with the shipping of my gifts, and she was so sorry that I had to buy my own books.

Trisha, don't be sorry, you're my own personal Christmas miracle!

Would I rather use the GC to buy some fun books for myself? Yes. But that can wait. The GC won't cover the whole text book (that would have caused me to have a Christmas Heart Attack), but it'll cover a good chunk. I just about cried.

Thank you SO much, Trisha. Readers, go follow her blog right now. For serious. Click here to see it. It's called eclectic / eccentric, and it's really cool. I've been browsing through it all day. But now, back to studying.

Life is good.

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