In My Mailbox: The Autumn Days are Over

It wasn't until I was uploading this video to YouTube that I realized I did the whole thing with my hair up.

Well... now y'all will get a chance to see me/my torso the way I look most days. Enjoy!

Books Mentioned(links to Amazon*):

Prisoners in the Palace, Michaela MacColl
Cloaked, Alex Flinn
Desires of the Dead, Kimberly Derting
The Iron Witch, Karen Mahoney
Delirium, Lauren Oliver
The Unidentified, Rae Mariz
Plague, Michael Grant
The Books of Bayern, Shannon Hale
Math: A Book You Can Count On, Simon Basher

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  1. Awesome books! I really want to read Desires of the Dead and The Iron Witch! Hope you enjoy all your books :)

    P.S. Loved your little dance at Delirium :)

  2. Oh my gosh, when the song started to play I HAD to dance! Seriously IN LOVE with that song :)

    Wait, did Delirium get a new cover??

  3. No, that's the ARC cover. The finished cover will be that blue one.

  4. Wooo, Florence + the Machine! I love them!
    Congrats on winning the Goodreads contest! I thought they were impossible to win, too! Haha.

  5. Ha, I love that your hair is up given our conversation the other day. :)

  6. Ha! Yes. Exactly. I had a really cool twisty updo/bun today (or... yesterday). I guess I totally spaced taking it out for the vlog.

  7. You got the Iron Witch! Lucky! Hope you like Desires of the Dead! I read that one last week and it was pretty good!

    Here's my IMM

  8. Good week, great song! Florence is phenominal!

  9. This video was adorable. The snowglobe shake was my favorite part. :) Will have to check that math book out!

  10. That song rocks, I listen to it 5 times a day *minimum* I didn't think winning one of those Goodreads giveaways was possible either, time to play the lottery? The books look great, happy reading!


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