How can I show international people the love?

Okay, I need your help.

I really don't like that I can't do international giveaways. It bugs me. I want to fix it. Let me tell you my problems with international-ness, and then maybe y'all can tell me a solution.

  • Cost of shipping
  • Use of real name

 Yup. That's all that bothers me. And unfortunately, I can't find a solution. I know that The Book Depository does free shipping internationally, but they also send out my real name on the order slip which is no bueno.
And if you mail a package internationally using USPS then you can't use media mail, so it costs a ton, and you're required to put a sticker on with your name.
So that's my dilemma. The only solution I've been able to think of is an e-mailed Amazon gift card. But do international peeps like Amazon? Does that work? I'm really in the dark here, people, so any kind of advice would be helpful.

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  1. We internationals love Amazon. At least I do - mostly because they used to be the only ones who shipped international.

    As far as use of the cards, I think they can be used only on Amazon US store but I think they can be used by any account, regardless of where the recipient is.

    Hope it helped.

  2. Depending on the size of the package you are shipping, you can use USPS's Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes. The smallest box is just the right size for a small paper back book and costs around $4 or 5, and the envelopes are large mailer sized envelopes and are about the same price.

    There is a weight limit on international shipments, but I think it's pretty high.

    If you are sending a large box of books, I'd probably use the flat rates anyway- international or US, because weight isn't a factor in shipping costs, unless it's a seriously heavy package.

    You should look into it, and I don't think they'll require your real name on the box. They've never asked if the return address is me.

  3. I love Amazon Giftcards and I think it works for almost all the countries.
    I am an International Blogger myself so all the giveaways that I do are International. I use or depending on the winner's location.
    I have shipped out some stuff to other countries. They did require my address but not my real name.

  4. Amazon is good but you can also do a choice of book from the book depository is also good.. you can leave the name anonymous I believe and they are soo much cheaper than Amazon and no shipping costs from them.

    Just an idea

    Kristen H

  5. Shipping through the USPS can be an economical way to go but you would have to look up prices first. Yes, you can use flat rate boxes to many different countries but the actual cost is different for each country. The $5 small box is great but that is for US shipping. To ship to say, the UK, the price is more - still a 'flat rate' but it's country based.

    Pretty sure you can set up an account with Book Depository and not have your personal info sent out with shipments. It's worth looking into I think. And if you are worried about your credit card (with your real name) you can try using a pre-paid card. They don't always work online but again, it's worth looking into.

  6. Amazon giftcards are a good idea because I see upcoming YA titles (quite a lot!) in ebook format. International people have less of a selection but if they set their address as any one in US, they can access most of the ebooks offered at Amazon

  7. Where does Canada fall in all this? I've received packages from other blogs as prizes and some are just regular packages with the return address on the top left and my address in the middle. Some use their real names but some have used just the name of their blog as the return address name.

    The only thing you would need to fill out is a customs sticker thing that says what's in it and the value, but I never saw anyone's name on it. You can always put your blog name if you needed to.

    What I mean to say is I don't think Canada is any different from shipping inside the US other than price and the customs thing. If you can hide your real name on a US package you should be able to for Canada.

  8. I actually have tried creating an anonymous accound on TBD, but they still print the name on the credit card on the packing slip. I even e-mailed them and asked if there was any way to ship a package anonymously. They said no. I hadn't thought of a prepaid card, though.

    Does TBD do gift cards? Anyone know?


    Unfortunately Canada falls under the "use of real name" category. The times I have shipped to Canada they have told me I have to put on a sticker with my real name and signature. Pseudonyms are not exactly legally binding. ;)

  9. Yeah, international shipping can be a headache. I think the Amazon giftcards idea is a good one:D

  10. A lot of countries have their own Amazon store like .ca (Canada), (UK), .fr (France) or .de (Germany). So depending on where the winner is from you could always try for a giftcard from that country's Amazon so they can maximize the gift card without worrying too much about shipping.

  11. You could always have them pick a book from the Book Depository and send the money to them through paypal, if both of you have one anyways. I'm not sure if you need your real name for Paypal though to be honest, but it's just another idea.

  12. Well that sucks :/ I guess they don't want people shipping anonymously. Huh. I'm stumped :/

  13. I love Amazon! I think it's a good idea. My country isn't on the Book Depository delivery list so sometimes I can't enter international contests.
    Also, USPS can be economical, you just have to look up the prices.

    As for the use of real name, ome people have sent me packages with the name of their blog. I don't know if this works with Amazon or BD though.

    I hope that helped :)

  14. I have the same problem when it comes to selling books on Amazon. Also, I got your books for the book blog holiday swap majiger. Thank you sooo much!



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