Best of 2010 contest!

Yay! It's contest time!

As y'all saw, I posted the Squeakers' Best of 2010 list on Saturday. Well do you want to win some of those books? Do ya? Do ya?! Well, now you can!

This contest is going to focus on some of the 2011 releases I'm most excited about. I've decided to do one of those nifty "guess the cover" thing. I tried to make them as hard as I could, so brace yourselves! Some of these I've talked about on Squeaky Books. Some I haven't. Some are easier then others. And some of them are actually UK covers, so it'll be extra tricky. :)

  • Below are snippets of 15 different YA 2011 releases
  • The more you guess correctly, the more entries you get!
  • Fill out the form to enter
  • You must name at least ONE cover correctly in order to be entered
  • Winner(s) will be randomly chosen
  • Winner(s) will get to choose their prize(s) from the Squeakers' Best of 2010 list
  • If 0-50 people enter, the winner will get to choose 1 book from the list, if 50-100 people enter the winner will get 2 books, if 100-150 people enter the winner will get 3 books, and if 150+ people enter I'll add a second winner who will get to choose one book from the list.
  • US only
  • Ends 12-31-10 9:59pm MST
  • Winner announced 1-1-11
I think that covers everything. Ready to see the covers? Remember, these are all 2011 releases:

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  1. Fun contest! I think I figured out a few of them. Thanks!

  2. Super fun contest! It killed me that I couldn't guess all the covers.

  3. Thanks for the contest! I love trying to guess covers! There are some tough ones in there!

  4. Don't feel bad if you don't get all of them. NO ONE has gotten all of them right yet. :)

  5. A few of these drove me crazy - 7 & 10. I know I've seen them!!!

  6. I signed up to be a follower after I filled out my guesses for this contest. (I filled out the form on your blog and signed up to follow you on twitter) Do I need to do anything else? Do I need to fill out the form again or will my response count? I just found your blog and it is amazing. I will be coming back often to hear what you have to say , we have similar taste in books.

  7. Welcome, Julie! I'm glad you like the blog.

    You're answers count. No problemo. :)

  8. Well, it took me a ridiculous amount of time, but I think I got them all. Thanks for the fun contest :)

  9. Love these, number 5 was hard, but I finally found it. I am new follower, and I am loving your blog.

  10. I LOVE this contest. I wasn't able to sleep at all this past night, and sitting here racking my brain about those covers and hunting down the ones I thought were right to see... was a LOT of fun ^_^. I'm pretty confident about 11 of them, but the four that are left are killing me, especially since I KNOW I've seen a couple of them before. Is entering the ones I know now then coming back if I figure out another one an option? If not I'll just wait a while and see if it comes to me.

  11. Probably one of the toughest contests I've done in awhile. I think I got all of them though. Thanks for the fun contest!

  12. I got four, LOL. Great Contest! You totally stumped me!

  13. I 'think' I got them all right. #10 was the trickiest. I knew I had seen it but had a really hard time finding it again. lol. :D



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