All I want for Christmas is...

I sometimes find it easiest to post my Christmas wish list on my blog rather than have people ask me a bajillion times. I had a really hard time coming up with things, but eventually managed quite a few. I like to put things on my Christmas list that I need/want, but probably won't buy myself. So here it is.
  • External Hard Drive: Phil is running out of space!
  • iPhone 3gs: Ha! Pretty sure this is wishful thinking, but my iPhone (original model) is slowly dying
  • Black Pea Coat
  • College ruled composition/non-perforated notebooks. I use these for notes and I like to keep them nice.
  • Gift Cards: Old Navy, Aeropostale (Their jeans are AMAZING!), Amazon/Borders
  • Knee-High Argyle Socks
  • BRIGHT layering shirts
  • Squeaky Books Bookmarks. Printing these bookmarks would be about $45-50
  • New pillow. My feathers are all deflated. I’m curious to try memory foam, but scared I won’t like it. Has anyone tried it?
  • Dangly earrings. I like dangly earrings, especially fun ones, but not TOO dangly. Simple.
  • Green and Black Pilot Pens. Boring, but I like them.
  • Fun skirts and sweaters
  • 2011 calendar: The Butterfly Wings calendar is REALLY pretty this year.
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword pre-order.This is scheduled to come out early 2011, though it does not yet have a specific release date. I'll admit, that if I don't get this for Christmas I will definitely buy it for myself. I'm SO excited.
You may notice the lack of books on this list. That's because my grandparents have a tradition of taking every one of their grandchildren out to dinner and then to the bookstore to pick out a few books. My night is tomorrow. I'm WAY excited. And other than that, my family knows that I like to pick books myself (rather than have them given to me), hence the "Amazon/Borders" gift card option.

Do you make a Christmas list? Most of my family does, but my dad refuses to. He says "If you know me, you'll know what to get me, I shouldn't have to tell you." Which is annoying, but true I guess.

I've already bought EVERYONE on my list their Christmas presents. I'm feeling really on the ball this year. :)

Happy holidays! 

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  1. I've already purchased my calendar. I'm nutso about that type of thing. I don't want anyone to choose for me! I love dangly earrings, too! Hope we both get some.

  2. George's family also does lists. I find it takes out some of the stress for me, although I do feel bad when I buy books I think they'd like, because sometimes they look disappointed I got them a present that wasn't on their list.

  3. I used to make lists, and still might post one for fun this year, but I don't take it as seriously as I did as a child. I know that my loved ones will get what they think I'll like, and whether I thought of it myself or not I'll be grateful for that thought :). Also, No Expectations=No Disappointment! I do wish, though, that my family would give me SOME idea of what they want… my mother and sister make shopping tough by never wanting anything… lol :-P.

  4. Target has good knee-high argyle socks (I'm too embarrassed to admit how many pairs I have). If you get some, though, be sure to wash them inside out.

  5. I saw some really cute ones at wal-mart. :) I don't blame you for owning a lot.

    But why inside out?


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