What are YOUR favorite 2010 YA Releases?

Now at the end of this year I'll post my favorite books that I reviewed in 2010. But this year I want to do something different, I want to hear from YOU!

That's right. PLEASE let me know your top 5 books that were released in 2010! If they haven't been released yet, you're welcome to list them as well. If you can't think of 5, you can list as few as 1, but you can't list more than five. Sorry!

I'm hoping to compile a list, and then use the most nominated titles for some Christmas-giveaway fun times!

Also, to one lucky nominator I'll give away a random prize pack of books! You must be in the US to win the prize pack, but international peeps are more than welcome to list they're favorite 2010 releases (just be sure they have been released in 2010 in the US). Prize pack will have 2-3 books/ARCs and some swag.

I'll also give away $5 to Amazon for every 50 people who nominate! (up to 250 people) That means if 100 people nominate, two people get $5 gift certificates. If 250 people nominate, FIVE people get $5 gift certificates!

Sound good? These nominations will be open until December 17th and I'll let y'all know what all of this is about on December 20th. That'll be after finals, and I should have my brain together.

Fill out the form below, or click here! Be sure your nominations have been/will be released in 2010! So The Water Wars by Cameron Stratcher (which comes out 1-1-11) doesn't count. And don't just list books you want to own, list your FAVORITES. Remember that 2010 started 11 months ago. People have  a tendency to list only books released in the last 2-3 months.

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  1. That was tough to choose! There are so many great YA books that came out this year!

  2. I think I could've chosen another ten or so. This was tough to narrow down. Thanks for asking--I can't wait to see your list!

  3. It was a bit hard to narrow down. To be honest there were quite a few I liked equally as much but I picked 5 that really stood out to me.

  4. There were many great books this year, it was hard to choose only five... and also, the fact that the giveaway is open only to US residents it's a bummer but good luck to everyone who's elegible :)

  5. I know! I'm so sorry I can't do international shipping, but it just isn't possible.

  6. I already filled out the form with only one book, but wanted to add a couple more. I just filled it out again, but clicked the "no" box so I didn't get entered twice. Hope that works.

  7. Alot of great books to chose from for 2010! It was fun to do thanks can't wait to see the list of what people liked best for the year!

  8. thanks for awesome giveaways :)


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