Still have books for sale!

Hey guys, I still have some books to sell! I've reduced the prices as such:

All Hardcovers $3
All Paperbacks $2
All ARCs available for exchange at reduced rates

Shipping starts at $3, +$1 for each additional book,  and I WILL get delivery confirmation. I have also set up paypal, so I can send an invoice directly to your e-mail and you can just pay with a credit card. Super easy! As of right now I am not looking for book trades. If you think you have some books I'd like, please e-mail me directly and we'll see:

This'll be the last time I post this. All money earned will go towards books for contests (I'm going to have a HUGE contest in December based on your nominations, but only if I can afford it). No pressure.

Also, if any of you need some graphic design done, PLEASE contact me. Maybe I'll even give you a special deal. :) My prices are already A LOT lower than other custom designers, but they won't stay that way for long!

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