Nomination Update

In order to inspire more people to nominate their favorite 2010 releases, I'll be giving away a $5 gift certificate to Amazon for every 50 people who nominate (up to 250 people). So if I have 250 people nominate, I'll give away 5 $5 gift certificates, 150 people 3 $5 gift certificates, etc. PLUS someone will still win the YA prize pack(Prize pack is US only). If you don't want the $5 (crazy people) PLEASE still nominate!!

Nominate people! Nominate!

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  1. I haven't had the chance to read much at all this year because I'm in college (and SWAMPED with readings for classes), but I put in the top 5 books of 2010 that I'm DYING to read (in order of how much I want to read them). I hope that counts. :)
    Put it on Paper

  2. What a fun idea. I'm excited to see what books are the winners


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