FANTASTIC Hunger Games Video

Okay, so I know this is my third post today, but I HAVE to share this.

There is no doubt in my mind that this video will go viral FAST because it is honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I sobbed like a baby the whole time I was watching it. Be warned, there is quite a lot of blood, it is the Hunger Games after all.

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  1. I'm basically speechless right now. This totally made my entire week! Katniss and Rue were amazing! They should play in the movie, because that almost had me in tears. And the music! Phenomenal!

    Oh, and Glimmer scared the living daylights out of me. I'm probably going to have nightmares about her hunting me with a knife...just sayin'.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That was REALLY good. I cried too. I don't think they'll be good for the parts though because they're too light skinned.

  3. Powerful stuff. Great music. Just one thing: I'd pictured Rue as a brown-skinned girl. And so, it took me a while to adjust to a straight-haired blond girl. I wonder if the the film-makers missed a real opportunity to make an even more powerful statement. Still, BRILLIANT!

  4. I agree that Rue should have darker skin, but I thought Katniss was FANTASTIC! Both in acting and appearance.

  5. I feel like I just opened the book, that was exactly how I saw it.

    I know that many people want Rue to be African-American, but I don't see her dark at all. Rue is suppose to be Prim... think about that one Mockingjay loathers! ;) I've always seen her looking like this girl.

    Wow, Enna, thank you!

  6. SOOOO GOOD!!!! Thanks for sharing that was amazing. Seriously I almost started crying. The movie better be at least somewhat as good as this. Lionsgate should take some notes.

  7. Amazing.... just... WOW. Thanks for sharing! This actually has me hopeful that the movie might be decent-like Julia said, Lionsgate should take some notes! BRILLIANT. (And yeah, I also thought that Rue should be darker skinned, but the bottom line to me is the acting skills. I don't think that actors looking differently than the characters are described in the book is a deal breaker-as long as they can deliver the SOUL of the characters they portray, works for me). And yes, that girl should be Katniss. Amazing job!


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