Look at all that GREEN! That's my favorite cover! And those EYES! And that FONT! And that BACKGROUND! Philomel has really outdone themselves with this one.

I think I'm in love.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That is amazing!!!!!! I seriously got goosebumps, the cover goes so well with Nightshade's and is just PERFECT. Wow... thanks for sharing!

  2. It does look amazing! :D Can't wait!

  3. OOOOOHHH!! Pretty!! I think I'd like it a little more if it didn't seem like that branch was poking her in the eye but it's still pretty bomb.

  4. Oh
    I didn't even get to read the first book, but now I HAVE TO!!!! I love the green, it's so pretty!

    (oh, the word verification for this comment says 'mahand'. Haha. "Look at ma-hand!"

    Thanks for showing the cover, or else I wouldn't've seen it.

  5. I just reviewed Nightshade today. I actually did not care for the cover, but I loved the book. I do like #2’s a bit better, but I just don't get all the eye makeup on Calla. I’m really looking forward to Wolsbane, though - Nightshade was great!


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