Recreate a cover contest: Matched

All right, it took me a couple weeks, but I have finally come to the conclusion that I don't need TWO ARCs of Matched. However, I don't want to make this just your standard random giveaway. Oh no. This book deserves more than that. And so, I welcome you to my first:

Re-Create a Cover Contest!

Yes! Despite the fact that the cover of Matched is GORGEOUS, I'm going to force you into making a different cover. One of your own creation! And what does the winner get?


Something you might be interested to know. The shiny-sparkliness I showed you in an earlier video post? It ONLY is going to come on the ARCs. The finished books will NOT be sparkly. Sad day! But that should motivate you even more to try and win.

Covers may be submitted until 9:59 pm MST on October 19th. This gives you a little under two weeks.
The covers will be posted on Squeaky Books on the 20th, and voting will commence.
Voting will be open until 9:59 pm MST on the 27th of October.
The Winner will be annouced on the 28th. I'm going to see Ally on the 30th, and I plan on having her sign the ARC to you then.

Your cover must include:
The title (Matched)
The author's name (Ally Condie)
DO NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S IMAGE! You may repurpose stock-images and such, but PLEASE don't try to pass off someone elses work as your own.
Open to US only.

If I get 20+ entries, I'll throw in a 2nd place prize of a pre-order of Matched. The winner of this prize will be chosen by Ally herself! Coolness, eh?

Fill out the form to enter! You must provide me with a link to your cover. You can either blog about it, or upload it to Photobucket, etc.

All review content © Enna Isilee, Squeaky Books 2007-2010


  1. IS it okay if I look up pictures on Google Images and use a random picture, and credit the source? It's how I usually make all my book covers!

    And wow, this is such a great giveaway! Thanks so much Enna!

  2. Kirthi,

    That's fine. Just don't use anything like DeviantArt. Ya know?

  3. I don't love mine, so I can't wait to see the others! I LOVE this book, though, and want a copy of my very own! Good luck all.

  4. The shimmery is what I prefer in the cover!!! =O It is all sparkly but it doesn't hurt your eyes but it is so discret, sparkly in a futuristic way.
    This is sad news. Fortunately I won a ARC!! =D By the way, your contest is great! So inventive. Can't wait to see the winning cover and more!
    Have a good day!

  5. How often do you do "recreate a cover" contests?

  6. I don't really have a set time frame. I usually do it when a) I already have a copy of the book to give away. or b) if it's a book I REALLY want to give away, and then I'll purchase a copy.


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