Happy Halloween! And... you should vote

So, I'd really like to do an IMM, but I've been REALLY busy this week (hence the lack of reviews). Which means when I do it next week there will be a TON because it will cover three weeks and I've had a SERIOUS book-buying problem. We may have to do more than one song. Or a REALLY long song.

Anyway, happy Halloween and all. 'round these parts we celebrate Sunday holidays on the Saturday before, so today is Halloween for me. How am I spending it? Oh. Just going to see some authors. No one big. Just some guy... what's his name? Scott... Westman? Easterfield? I can't remember. You probably've never heard of him anyway.


One last thing. Remember how I hinted that you should vote on those nifty "Upcoming Releases" posts I've been doing? No? Well check this post to remind you and see what books you can vote on.

And you really should vote. Like... today and tomorrow. Because something special might happen with the book with the most "yes" votes.

Here are the current standings:

Bright Young Things: 13 votes

Anna and the French Kiss: 49 votes (woah!)

The Lost Saint: 32 votes

The Water Wars: 33 votes

Unearthly:  35 votes

Entangled: 43 votes

Across the Universe: 30 votes

 Drought: 13 votes

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