Halloween Prize Pack Winner!

I had some great entries into the Halloween prize pack contest. Y'all have seen some CrAzY costumes. Ready for the winner? Without further ado, the winner of Lips Touch: Three Times, The Devouring, and Lockdown is....

Lesley is a new follower (welcome to Squeaky Books, Lesley!), and she said:
my favorite [costume] I ever wore was Wayne from Wayne's World lol, so fun.

The best I've ever seen was a girl that was Leeloo Dallas from the Fifth Element. LOVE that movie, and it was the coolest costume! :)
Congrats! I will contact you soon to get your mailing address. Or you can contact me first, if you'd rather. :)

Be sure to vote for your favorite recreated cover of Matched! And look for more Squeaky contests coming up soon!

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