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Howdy y'all!

So lots of book bloggers around the blogosphere regularly put up a list of books that they would like to trade/sell/exchange. I figured I'd give that a try my own self.

I've gone through ALL of my books, and come up with the following list. Take a look. See if there's any you like.

I prefer Amazon gift cards. They are easy to mail, and it's easier for us to agree on a price. Plus, only one of us has to ship something. But if you want to trade, we might be able to work something out too.

I also believe that if you have a book I really want, I'm more than willing to give you multiple books for it. We don't have to do a 1-for-1. But if you don't have anything I want, I am under no obligation to trade with you. Make sense?

I'll e-mail everyone who requests titles, and the person who gets it is first come first serve. And I don't mean first to fill out the form, I mean the first I come to an agreement with. Coolio?

A lot of these are older titles, but there are also a lot of new ones. ALL OF THESE BOOKS ARE IN NEW OR NEARLY NEW CONDITION. I take VERY good care of my books. These are just books that I didn't like, don't want, or have multiple copies of.

To see the list:

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