Making a Wish List

As my birthday gets closer, my friends and family keep asking me what I want.

Answer: books. Duh.

Yeah, there are some other things I want, a new mouse (for Phil [my computer]), a pair of those cool shoes I showed you guys a while ago, but mostly: books. Ooh. And this mockingjay pendant.

And, yes. I have made an amazon wish list with books I want. (Though I'm still adding to it)

But here's the thing:

I like to buy books myself.

But when I ask for "money for books" I always feel dumb. 'Cause I don't like asking for money usually. And my relatives seem to think that this is a cop-out gift because it isn't "personal" at all.

But for me, the majority of the joy in book-owning is book BUYING. I love going through the store/Amazon and picking and choosing and weighing the options.

What do you think? Would you rather have books gifted to you, or a giftcard/money to buy your own books?


  1. I would rather have the books gifted to me even if I had a list on amazon for them to pick from because I like to see what they would pick. I think it makes the gift more personal and says a lot about the gifter.

  2. I would rather pick out my own books.

  3. I'm taking the hint -- money it is (and a little lunch?).

  4. I would rather pick out my books as well, mainly because I'd be thinking this the whole time - What if I have a list of the ones I can't live without, but I get #8 on the list and I could have bought #1? (Oh, the horror!)

  5. I don't know, I like getting books from friends and family even though they just ask me for a wishlist and they buy the books that I have there. And then I usually ask them to write a dedication in the book's title page.

  6. I don't have to worry. My sister is that one that gives me books and she always chooses ones that I have never heard of but end up loving! She knows me too well.

  7. Happy to give you cash for books...but can I at least go shopping with you?? And duh and flubs on the shoe sale. I just don't think I can pay full price for them, sniff! Oh well, more money for books for you! Counting down the days... just 15 more to go!

  8. ya i would go with the gift card or atleaset i would make sure to make/give a list of book titles for the gifters to get... i dont want to leave it upto chance becasue then the books are just on the shelves being unread and if you do pick it up you might not like it so it goes back on the selves.

  9. gift card- I like to pick out my own books too! It's the thrill of it!!

  10. pick out my own books!!!! They don't know what I've already read --- also a good idea about wish list on amazon.


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