In my Mailbox: Birthday Follow-up (SPACEMAN STYLE)

NOTE: Some of you are going to HATE this vlog. I made it, and really didn't like it. I thought it was boring and too long. And rather than spend 2 hours making a new one, I attacked it with special effects and set it to The Killers "Spaceman." There's a picture below the video of all the loot if you'd rather look at that.


  1. No matter how long your vlogs are, I think they're great! And congratulations to everyone that won! I love (and am jealous of) the little bookmarks! :D

  2. This is an awesome vlog! I would like to do mine like this if that is okay... Please let me know :)

  3. Have fun reading Infinite Days! I loved this books so much. Awesome IMM :) Have a great weekend


  4. Congrats on a great mailbox this week. Have loads of fun reading them :)

    Come See What's In My Mailbox

  5. Those books you got this week look good. :) Enjoy them all.
    BTW vlogs are cool! lol.

  6. Oh! You got Infinite Days, I absolutely adored that book, one of my favorites all year by far. I've heard good things about The Maze Runner/Scorch Trials series but haven't gotten there yet. I'll be looking for your review. Great books this week!

  7. Awesome IMM! I hope that you enjoy all of your new books!

    I'm a new follower :)

    Check out my IMM here!

  8. Great books! I loved Infinite Days!


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