Guest Post: A World of your Imagination

Today I am featuring Jeremy from Novel Thoughts blog. Jeremy offers something rare to the book-blogging community: a male perspective! I've really enjoyed his blog, and maybe you will too.

Jeremy hosted yesterday's contest, and today he wrote a guest post on a topic I gave him. Check it out!

You've been granted the birthday wish that you can spend your birthday inside any novel of your choice. What factors go into your decision making process? Which book do you choose? What do you do while you're there?
I love reading so much and choosing one book to be inside of is tough but I decided. If there was one book I could spend my birthday in it would have to be Harry Potter. I know it's not a specific book but just the series by itself has such an amazing setting to experience! Harry Potter is based in England and more specifically London and the surrounding Burrows. I have always wanted to visit England but to experience Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, The Forbidden Forest, and everything else would just be amazing! While there I would start my day off by having breakfast at Hog's Head before going into Diagon Alley to go shopping. I would go buy a wand at Ollivander's Wand Shop, get a robe, maybe swing by the bookstore and pick up one of Gilderoy Lockhart's biographies too. Then I would head over to Platform 9 3/4 and hop on a train to Hogwarts. I would have lunch at the Three Broomsticks and roam around Hogsmeade for the afternoon. After getting drunk on Butterbeer (even though it's non-alcoholic), I would head up to Hogwarts to hang out with Harry, Ron, and Hermione for the night. I would also probably also take Hagrid's Hippogriff for a spin and fly across the lake and through The Forbidden Forest like Harry did in Prisoner of Azkeban! While I'm there I might also help Harry kill Voldemort once or twice. At the end of the day, I know if I could spend my birthday in Harry Potter, it would be the best birthday ever!

Big thanks to Enna and Squeaky Books for having this Birthday Month full of events! I want to say a big happy birthday to you too! Thanks for allowing my to take over your blog for the day!

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