Guest Post: My Best Birthday

Today, as our very last guest post, Squeaky Books welcomes Morgan from The Paperback Princess. She writes about her best birthday.

Hi! I am Morgan from The Paperback Princess! I am guest-posting for Squeaky Books Birthday Extravaganza! (Happy birthday Enna!)

Let's see here... I've had a good amount of birthdays in my life. But right out of the top of my head, I would have to say my 12th birthday [November 28th] was the best. Maybe it was just because I got to see Taylor Lautner (in New Moon, not face-to-face, *sigh*) and with my best friend.

But, the party had just begun. At a bowling alley, no less. The bowling alley in my town is pretty spectacular. It's the hot-spot for tweens. There is these huge flat screens where you can request your favorite music videos, and the pizza is top-notch. My friends and I basically suck at bowling, but when you are eating Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake and listening to Lady Gaga, it's hard to focus on stuff like that.
The ending to my perfect birthday was (drum roll please) THE PRESENTS!
To not bore you, I will be brief. Books, books, books, and a pair of fuzzy slippers! I was pretty stoked.

So, thanks for reading, and a very happy birthday to Enna! :)

~Happy reading!


  1. It's been such fun birthday bash with lots of fun reading ideas. Thanks for doing it and I hope this birthday is your new best! :)

  2. This is such a super cute and fun blog! I had to follow because your background is so flippin cute! I found you over at Crystal Cook's Write because you must blog!!!

    What a fantastic post... I love the Taylor Lautner (not face-to-face) comment, had me laughing out loud!


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