Blogfest 2010 WINNER!

Whoop! Whoop! HELLO EVERYBODY! Happy Monday. Hope it rocks for you. I'm about to make one of you very happy, I hope.

I had 177 people enter the blogfest giveaway! 49 old followers (hello my faithful friends!), EIGHTY-TWO (82) NEW followers (I promise not to disappoint), and 46 people who chose not to follow (I totally understand. May you find your literature recommendations elsewhere :) ).

All of that amounted to over 500 entries! Woah! And I'm happy to say that one of my old followers won! Statistics still work! But don't worry, new followers! I have SO many giveaways, you're bound to win one. And now you are all OLD followers, so you have an even better chance!

But enough of my blabbering! You want to know who won, eh?

The winner of Freshman for President by Ally Condie is....

Entry #331!

I have e-mailed you! You have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address before I pick a new winner.

That was fun. I like these SUPER-contests.

Speaking of Super-contests. How are you liking the bash so far? Can you believe this is the last full week!? But don't worry. I have at least 2 contest scheduled for after the bash. So the fun-times won't really end.


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