2010 Goal

I know it's a little late for making a goal for 2010, but I'm still going to do it.

2008 was the best reading year for me. I read 83 books. I know that pales in comparison to how many books "most" book-bloggers read, but it's good for me.

My goal for 2010: read 84 books.

Yup. Just one more. That's all I need. So far I've read 60 books (17 more than last year) so I'm on the right track. I just need 24 more books. I already have 13 books that I plan on reading in 2010, which just leaves me 11 more. Here's what I've got so far:

A Conspiracy of Kings, Megan Whalen Turner
I own this. I started reading it when it came out, but I wasn't in a MWT mood, so I stopped.

Toads and Diamonds, Heather Tomlinson
I've wanted this book for a LONG time. I am determined to purchase it, and read it.

Sea Glass, Maria V. Snyder
I own this one too. But just haven't gotten around to reading it. MUST read!

Anna and the French Kiss, Stephanie Perkins (Read in November)
This does NOT sound like my kind of book, but I've heard so many wonderful things about it that I'm going to get my hands on a copy when it comes out (or before) on December 2nd.

Infinite Days, Rebecca Maizel (Read in October)
Just got this one for my birthday. Gonna read it soon.

I Am Number Four, Pittacus Lore (Read in October)
Ditto. Just got for birthday. Reading soon.

Soulstice, Simon Holt
Saving this one for halloween. The first one was SO creepy.

Bright Young Things, Anna Godbersen (Read in October)
I LOVE Anna's Luxe series. So excited for this to come out next month.

Threads and Flames, Esther Friesner
Got this one for a tour in December. It comes out... around then.

Enchanted Ivy, Sarah Beth Durst (Read in October)
Just got this one today! I was so excited I stunned an entire room into silence by shouting "NO FREAKING WAY!" when I opened the package.

City of Bones, Cassandra Clare (Read in October)
Yes, I listened to you and bought this one. I started it, but I'm putting in down in favor of EI. No worries. I'll pick it up again after.

Fire, Kristin Cashore
Bought this when it came out. Still haven't read it.

Intertwined, Gena Showalter
Sounds cool. Planning on buying it soon.

So with those, I'll only need 11 more and I'll fulfill my goal! Wahoo!

What about you? Do you have a reading goal for 2010?

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  1. My goals a little insane. 240 books. I'm at 202 so far so I need 38 more books to make my goal.
    Once you read City of Bones you'll probably want to read the rest of the series.

  2. I'm not sure what you've read already this year, but I have really loved Jane by April Lindner, Split by Swati Avasthi (though there is a lot of swearing in both) and Girl Stolen by April Henry.

    And can I just say I love Megan Whalen Turner? I really enjoyed Conspiracy of Kings, though King of Attolia is my favorite.


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