The Secret to My Success

It may seem like I get a lot of wicked awesome ARCs, and I do. But the secret is I don’t get to keep any of them.

Yes. It’s very sad, but also kinda nice.

So where do I get them?


I love tours!

Basically, what a tour is, is you sign up for a book you want, and they mail it to you! Then after a week you mail it to someone else! I’ve broken it down into a pros and cons list:

  • Get TONS of ARCs
  • It’s FREE (just pay shipping)
  • If you don’t like it, you don’t keep it!

  • Only one week to read
  • Must be a book blogger
  • If you like it, you don’t keep it.

So here I have compiled a list of all the tours I participate in. If you know of more, PLEASE let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to my list!


Around the World Tours
  • --This was the first tour I was ever a part of. It’s nice and has lots of books, but there are a TON of people who participate. Participants are chosen at random

  • --This is probably my favorite. The tours are just a part of her blog(Dark Faerie Tales), and she posts them just like a regular post. I’ve gotten A LOT of books from here, and I only signed up a couple weeks ago. Participants are chosen at a first-come first-serve basis. 
Star Book Tours
  • --Doesn’t post a lot, but they’re good books, and there aren’t a ton of participants. I’m not sure how the participants are chosen. 
The Teen {Book} Scene
  • --This one is weird. It isn’t so much an ARC tour as it is a marketing campaign. There are specific requirements. Check it out for more details. 
Traveling ARC Tours
  • --This one has a wide variety of ARCs, from popular to ones you’ve never heard of. I’m signed up for a couple here. Participants are chosen in a combination of random and first-come. 
We love YA!
  • --I actually haven’t joined any of these tours just because none of them interest me a ton. But I keep an eye on them just the same. 
1 ARC Tours
  • --This is the tour site I run. It’s hard work! We have a combo of small name ARCs and big name ARCs. Tours are organized based on location of the participants so they move faster. Very few people participate in these tours.

 Are there more YA ARC tours out there that I don't know about? Please let me know! 


  1. I just joined your tour! I love the system :)

  2. I will be setting up a tour, not ARC, but books I've owned. I read a lot of YA books. I will let you know when I start the tour program. :)

    Books For All Seasons Tour


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