My Favorite Things: Music

Today we have another contest going up at noon, yay! While we're waiting for that, though, I thought I'd introduce a new segment of the birthday bash called: My Favorite Things.

As you know, that's the theme of the Birthday Bash! In these segments I talk about my favorite type of something, and then you can comment with your favorite! Today's feature is MUSIC!

I LOVE music! I used to play the flute, took guitar lessons for a year, and took piano for 6 years. I also sing, but only when no one can hear me. Tee hee.

But more than playing music, I love LISTENING to music! What makes a good song for me? Well, I'll tell you:

No Profanity
Just like when I read a book, I can't stand extreme profanity in music. Blah. I've noticed that if I hear it, I have a tendancy to say it. And that's something I certainly want to avoid.

Cool Lyrics
I love songs like "Wordplay" or "Life is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz. Those lyrics just send my brain whirling! The Regina Spektor songs also rock because of this.

I LOVE obscure music that no one has heard of before! Nothing makes me happier than having someone ask me "What song is this? I've never heard it." I guess that's how I feel original. For example, do you guys remember the Numa Numa craze of a few years ago? Well I have EVERY song by that band! I love it! Sure, it's all in Moldovan/Romanian/Russian, but that just makes it cooler! I have a lot of French music too, mostly Julie Zenatti. She rocks.

Sometimes I need a sad song (I own two Death Cab for Cutie albums) but usually I like happy songs. You may have noticed this from my IMM videos. I like to be happy. :)

I don't like ALL showtunes, but I do like most of them. After all, I am a theatre person. Give me some Wicked, Hairspray, The Secret Garden, The Spitfire Grill, etc. and I'll be happy. :)

This is probably the most important thing. The one thing that garuntees that I'll like a song forever is if it has a strong beat that I can dance to. Just like singing, I only dance when no one is watching, but I do it a lot. Got to be toe-tappable for me to like it.

So here's the last 3 albums I bought I really like. Below is a picture of more of my music.

The Family Jewels, by Marina and the Diamonds
This album is so spunky! It's got an awesome beat and some pretty funny lyrics. Plus, the singer's accent makes everything sound AWESOME (she's Welsh, I believe). There are 3 explicit songs on this album. But I just didn't bother to download those. :)

Tourist History, by The Two Door Cinema Club
Ever heard of these guys? They have fun, tounge-twister lyrics that really make me happy. Great music to go running to. :)

La Roux, by La Roux
Another great Euro-pop band/singer. Her songs have the BEST beat! I find myself dancing around my room lip-syncing like a madman whenever a La Roux song comes on.

What music do you listen to? Do you have a suggestion of something I might like?


  1. Gosh, I listen to so many different genres of music, but it's just a passion of mine. If you like Owl City, I'd suggest listening to one of their offshoot bands called "Swimming with Dolphins." Their song, Up in the Stars, is absolutely beautiful. I also really love SafetySuit's music, and Anberlin, particularly the song, The Haunting.

  2. I am going to have to start asking you for music recs. I love finding new music, but mostly rely on happenstance and chance to encounter new material and artists. Some of what you mentioned sounds fantastic so I am going to have to check them out!

    I love instrumental music,Celtic, but also a lot of indie, ballad/blues-style, pop (when it has a fun beat and good lyrics); artists like Enya, Imogen Heap, Chris Rea, Alicia Keys, Hayley Westenra, Josh Groban, Johnny Horton, John Denver, Boston, The Eagles, Credence Clearwater, Celene Dion, Lara Fabian, Helene Segara, VNV Nation, Relient K, Coldplay, Sleepthief (whom I think you would like very much), Lisbeth Scott. And so on...


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