Guest Post: The Woes of a Winter Birthday

Today Squeaky Books welcomes Cate from Sparrow Review. She talks about the woes of having a mid-winter birthday.

Everyone wants what they can’t have.

And what I wanted more than anything as a kid was a summer birthday. Complete with a pool party or trip to a water park or the beach. At the time, it was pretty safe to say that the majority of my friends were born in June-July-August, and I was completely green with envy. Unless you plan on going ice fishing, there isn’t all that much you can do with water for my mid-January birthday. That’s pretty much what my parents told me, that winter wasn’t exactly the best time to enjoy the pool. And, after a few weeks of pleading, I finally gave in and decided to let them pick the theme. Keep in mind that I was seven, and had the memory of a goldfish.

So, the big day rolled around. Eight years old! I remember specifically putting on my birthday outfit (no doubt mismatched) and making my way down the stairs. The step must have creaked, because no sooner had I gotten halfway down them I heard my mother shout, “STOP!” I froze, foot hanging in the air. “You’re going to have to wait in your room for an hour or so while we get things ready.”

Any person with a brain knows being told to go to your room on your birthday sucks. You’re SO excited but you have to contain it in the most boring way possible. Humph. That hour was no doubt one of the longest of my (very short) life. But, when my parents finally called me downstairs, it was clear that every tedious minute had been worth it.

The table was covered in a brightly colored tropical tablecloth, various forms of surf and turf on kabobs, and hollowed out coconuts. For me to DRINK from. Eight-year-old me was ecstatic. All party-goers received a lei or grass skirt. The birthday cake was decorated with dolphins and flowers. I was given a mermaid doll for a gift. Truly, my parents had brought the beach to our home. So what if it was 30 degrees outside? I was the happiest and most content kid in the neighborhood.

Enna-Isilee, I hope you have a ridiculously amazing birthday, one that may defy convention (and weather!) Thanks for letting me take part in the celebration!

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