Guest Post: The Personal Holiday We Love to Hate

Today Squeaky Books is featuring Caitlin from ScarrletReader she wrote a HI-larious post about the unachievable goal of birthdays.

Birthdays: The Personal Holiday We Love To Hate

Now, I know you may be questioning the title for my guest post. I mean, Birthdays are the best! We get gifts and money and cake and make wishes while blowing out candles or we have an excuse to buy a lot of gifts and spend a lot of money, eat cake, and help someone else make some wishes! What could anyone hate about that?!

Well, maybe the actual fact that you are getting older or you’re just too darn young.

Admit it; I will. There has been a time in your life where at one point you couldn’t wait for your Birthday to come and be another year older. Or, Admit it. There has been a time in your life where you just wish those 365 days would slow down and not have to face the fact that you are another year older. Seriously people, we can never be happy! We are either too young or too old and time is never on our side.

It’s all a process really and below I will show you how I transformed it into an age cycle:

Inside mother’s stomach: You want to get the heck out of there because Mom’s been eating those chocolate covered potato chips again and they go straight to your thighs.

1st Birthday: You want all your teeth to finally grow in so mom will let you near the furniture again (I swear the crew marks are from the dog) and to be able to walk because how else are you suppose to run away from mom when it’s *shudder* bath time.

3rd Birthday: You want to get the heck out of those dippers because, gosh, they can give you a rash. You want to learn to ride a bike and finally be able to read a big person book! (Well maybe the last one was just me, hehe)

5th Birthday: You want to start school and learn to ride a bike without training wheels. You want to make new friends.

9th Birthday: You want to wear your mom’s fancy make up or wear one of your dad’s fancy ties. And you want your age to be in the double digits!

12th Birthday: You want some freedom. You want to be able to hang with your friends without parents. You want to be a teenager.

14th Birthday: You want everything! (haha) You want ever more freedom and you want to start to make money. You want to be 16 and get your permit.

16th Birthday: You want to be 17 to be able to drive without an adult. And maybe a little bit more freedom.

17th Birthday: You want to 18 to be a legal adult (well, in the US).

18th Birthday: You want to be able to live on your own and away from you parents. You want to be 21 and be able to legally drink (well, in the US, again).

21st Birthday: ****content age**** You want to stay this age forever!

25th Birthday: You’re enjoying life and just barely realizing you’ll be 26 next year.

30th Birthday: You wonder where the time has gone; maybe enjoying your own children’s growth.

40th Birthday: You’re wondering if you are really seeing a 4 in front of that zero.

50th Birthday: You’re wishing for 21.

Now, I don’t want this to be seen as how all people are, but can you say that you’ve never been in any of those positions? Just one and maybe a little different?

I remember when I was 12 and I would complain to my mom saying how much I wish I was as old as my best friends. My two best friends were both held back a year making them both two years older than I was. I have a late birthday, which just so happens to be August 18th, and I was one of those kids that just made the cutoff date for school, so I was always the youngest in my class. While I was 12, my best friends were 14, and at that time in life I just wanted to be older and older.

But, about a year ago, I had a very impactful talk with my neighbor’s brother. He’s always at my neighbor’s house, because, well, I think it’s because of the fact he still lived with his parents. I am in no way making fun of him for it. He’s an awesome guy, but he told me one day, while I came out of my house at 2 in the afternoon, just having woke up, that:

“You’re shouldn’t sleep you’re life away.”

My reply? “Well, there is nothing to do! I’m too young to do anything. When I get older I’ll spend more time doing other stuff.” What was I thinking?

He them told me not to waste my youth years with sleep and to get out and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the ride.

That’s what I’m telling you all today. Enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about age and if you don’t already, good for you. Don’t crave for you birthday to come or wish it away all together. Enjoy the fact that on your Birthday you’re another year older, wiser. Readers, don’t worry that you may not get to read every book and authors don’t worry that you may not be able to write able every idea in your head.

Embrace your age and enjoy every Birthday!

I’d like to thank Enna at Squeaky Books for allowing me to be a guest blogger on her site to celebrate her Birthday Bash! Happy Birthday Enna!


  1. you just love when you got to

  2. Ha! the 3 is so me. Hence, I started school at 4. Thank You, divine homeschooling muse!

  3. That's a great post! I'm 22, going on 23 next month. Just wish I could be young forever even though I feel old at times! :)


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