C'mon! It'll be a party!

I'm still looking for people to help with my birthday bash! I've got a great line-up of blogs. Some you've probably heard of, and some are new bloggers that are great! But I've got 30 days to fill, people! I can fit in a ton more bloggers! I'll love you forever, and it'll be really fun!

So far I have donations from authors like Janette Rallison, Andrea Cremer, Robert Paul Weston, Sarah Beth Durst, Holly Cupala, and more! All my favorite people! I'm so excited I could POP! You're gonna want to be a part of this, I promise.

Have I won you over yet? Yes?! Then sign up! Please?


  1. I think i already submitted my data in a previous post. I don't have to do it again, right?

  2. Nope. You should have recieved an e-mail from me if you've filled it out.


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